Fr. Selga speaking in a Commencement Exercise.

Here is an old photo dated 1931 featuring the Commencement Exercises for the Class of ’31 and Father Selga as speaker. I was told this was taken in the Philippines, and when I did a search for a Father Selga, the only thing I could find was a Fr. Selga Street and Fr. Selga Campus on the University of the Immaculate Conception in Davao City, the Philippines. I also found mention of a Father Miguel Selga S.J. as the late director of the Manila Observatory.

In this picture, it looks like it is a small class of all men, most of them dressed all in white. Two men seated along the side are wearing some kind of uniform, one of them looks like he is sleeping. The man identified as Father Selga is standing in front of a table, dressed in his priest clerics. Down in the one corner is printed into the photo 385SF31, on the back is written Class of ’31 Commencement Exercise with Father Selga Commencement Speaker.

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