The Davao Provincial Capitol through the years.


1937, Credit to the community page Philippines of Yesteryears.


Year unknown, credit to the owner.


Year unknown, maybe 20s or 30s, credit to the owner.


maybe 50s, credit to the owner.


ebayfind, year 20s or 30s.


Thanks to Jaja Barriga for the find, to correct, year maybe 30s.


Year maybe 50s, credit to the owner.

If there were buildings that reflect a city or place, there were three, the first one would be a city or municipal hall, a church and a capitol and added to all the park you have parks. The city’s provincial capitol which served as a seat of power for the whole then undivided Davao Province was always a magnet for activities. This was the center together with the church and city hall. It was where you promenade, spend a lazy afternoons and whole lot of others.

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