Claveria in the roaring 20s and onwards.


ebayfind: Philippines Claveria Street Davao Real Photo Used 1928

If I were to choose my favorite photo amongst the numerous I found over Ebay, the one above would say tops it all. I can see clearly two Ford Model Ts on the dusty Claveria road. Who ever think or imagine the changes this street would go through over the years, becoming after San Pedro St. as the second most known. If San Pedro was known to be the commercial hub, then Claveria was to be the business address.

The one below became one the most iconic of all Claveria Sts images I have seen so far with Philtrust and DBP buildings on both sides.


ebayfind: PHILIPPINES – Claro M. Recto street – DAVAO CITY – 1960s

Ebayfind, circa maybe 60s.

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