Awad Building, Davao’s first “skyscraper”

Davao’s first “highrise” was owned by the Awads.

Here is an excerpt from wiki:

The Awad family’s of Davao forebearer is the Lebanese Maronite Christian John Awad (Juan Awad), who hailed from the Beqaa Valley (In modern-day Lebanon). In the 1880s John Awad converted some Muslims around Davao to Christianity.

Those days, the opening of the building gave probably the family a level of prestige. Known as business people, here is another excerpt from a Davao history site:

The awad building was located at the end of Claveria Street (now Claro Recto St.) before reaching San Pedro Street. It was considered the tallest building in Davao then which was a six (6) Storey structure. The Awad building (on what is now DBP building) was built out of its time in the early 1920’s. it was made of huge timber bolted together and had six (6) storeys. Besides the Awad building was the old PNB building and behind was the old Power Plant owned by the Awads. The Awad enterprises collapsed and the electric franchise was acquired by the Davao Light and power Company a corporation organized on September 24, 1929 in Manila the original incorporators and their subscription to the capital stock and payments.

Its location was in the nerve center of the city, near to San Pedro Church, the provincial capitol, the municipal garden and the city hall. The building was also the first office of the Philippine National Bank.

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