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If there is anything Davao of the Past has been lucky, it is the abundance of contributions from its members. Members who are unselfish with their own collections, sharing whatever they have to the page, and soon, too will be part of this site.

Contributors like Dada Lozano and Vincent Garcia, who are part of the old families willing to share a part of their privacy, just so Dabawenyos will have a see on how life was in old Davao. And learn history.

Others, countless others who have sent messages with attachments, excited to share their own albums, or part of it. And willing to step forward and be counted.

Davao was not just of old families who have toiled and made the city is now. While that we are grateful to these old families, we also have others, those who, after hearing about the promises of Davao, willing to risk everything they have and wanting too, to make Davao, and make their dreams real.

With that, if you have any of your pictures, scanned or digitized, share it with the page. Contributions are always welcome.

Top photo is the souvenir programme cover of the inauguration of the City of Davao. Contributed by Vincent Garcia.

17362021_1474510802568518_354137492623134742_nThanks to Dada Lozano for the above. Part of Bonleon-Rasay-Ledesma Family Album. Circa 1930 – The Romualdo Rasay & Gaudencia Bonleon Family.

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  1. Unless your name appears somewhere in your posts and I somehow missed seeing it, would you consider naming yourself please. It would add so much to your posts. For example, you cite a grandfather and you name him, but you leave out naming yourself. Madayaw nga adlaw kanmo. Lolita Lacuesta (compiler and editor of “The Davao We Know” (Anvil Publishing Co., 2011; winner of the National Book Award 2012 for Best Anthology in English)


    1. Hi Lolita, sorry, the intention was always not naming myself. I hate seeing my name in every post, lol. In the Facebook page i would sometimes name myself though. And for those who knows me would directly address me there. Thanks for the concern. -Paul.


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