The art of scouring.

What is most satisfying is finding something of old Davao over eBay. I have been doing this for maybe 18 years now. While before I would have done a “Davao” search, it would give me results. But late, I have been trying to broaden my search as I thought I might miss something. Just imagine yourself banging your head for the reason how much have you missed because you were not creative enough. Meaning, you have to combine your tags, or trying another word for your search.

The picture above was not using “Davao” as a search, but rather using “Philippines Japanese”. Scouring over the net can be a hit or miss. And you might have just scratched the surface. I am to believe that there is a lot on old Davao and you just to be patient enough when doing the search.

While most academics would do the traditional way, and I, not as an academic, have been using eBay and auction sites as a “tool”. And after building up the Facebook page, Davao of the Past, the contributions of the members added more to the collection.

Here is an advice for those scouring the net of anything, combine your tags or use words associated with what you are searching for, hopefully it will lead you to different results.

eBayfind: Philippines Japanese Town Shopping Street Postcard RPPC Photo maybe 10s or 20s. Winged Victory monument on the foreground. While not saying Davao, it is obviously Davao. Banner in the background says Juan Sarenas, Leon Garcia and Juan Caballero.

The postcard was eventually won by a Dabawenyo, Vincent Garcia.


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