Tom’s Hotel and Kitchen, San Pedro St.

This is one of those mysterious structures of Davao. Not much is known who the owner is, was it operated by an American, Japanese or a local Filipino businessman? Was it just a shortlived business? Just like the American Club building, it is not mentioned in any of the local history books. It there was, please point them out to me, would love to know more about them. Tom’s Hotel and Kitchen are just by City Hall, this is where Diosdado Commercial was, and to the now generation, Chow King (?).


Tom’s Hotel and Kitchen, so much have changed in what is now City Hall Drive. Circa maybe 20s or 30s or maybe even earlier.

If you look at the picture, the Kitchen is just near the Iñigo Building. Then, the streets were just dirt roads. The hotel and kitchen obviously catered to transients, maybe Filipinos, some Japanese or American.

Hopefully, with this short article, somebody will be able to uncover some clues to this structure.


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