Davao Carnival, Beauties of the Past

This is a combined articles culled from Manila Carnival and thank you to Alex R. Castro for allowing us to repost these ones.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.58.31 AM153. Carnival Beauties: LUCILLE M. MAXEY, 1926 Miss Davao

MAXEY-MUM IMPACT. Davao sent the lovely Lucille Maxey to the 1st National Beauty contest of 1926, of Fil-American parentage. Her father was a soldier, a member of the U.S. occupational forces who stayed on in Davao.

In the dual pageant of 1926, Davao sent a Filipino- American mestiza to the 1st National Beauty Contest by the name of Lucille Morales Maxey. Her parents were Melbourne Maxey and Regina Morales of Banganga, Davao.

Mr. Maxey was a member of the 1899 American occupational forces and like many of the soldiers, decided to stay in Davao, find a wife and raise a family. He quickly rose in rank, and held high positions in both the Philippine public school system and the provincial government. He became the School Supervisor in the east coast of Davao and later became a Deputy Governor of Zamboanga.

Lucille was the eldest daughter, and her siblings included John Carlos, Margaret, Florence, Fred and George Maxey.


Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 10.00.41 AMOne of the last big provincial fairs in the flickering days of the national Carnival was held in the city of Davao starting on 25 June 1938. The Davao Carnival and Exposition lasted for two weeks and and the provincial capital pulled no stops in ensuring the carnival’s success. Just like the Manila Carnival, the Davao event also featured a brightly-lit carnival auditorium that was the central venue of many carnival activities.
Elsewhere, around the city, military, school and government bureau parades were held on the street, featuring officials in horses, marching bands and Boy Scouts.

When evening fell, the auditorium grounds came alive with masked balls, folk dances and other cultural presentations. Most awaited was the selection of the Queen of the Davao Carnival, won by local beauty, Angela Bangoy. One of her princesses was a Miss V. Cortez.
At her coronation, Queen Angela I donned the costume of a Muslim princess. Throughout the Carnival Days, the beautiful queen received prominent visitors who paid her homage, including Dna. Graciana vds. De Lugod and Mr. Jaime Gavina.

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