What of the future?

They say we talk about the familiar, and it is very true. And tomorrow is always something easy to think of but difficult to grasp. The familiarity of the unknown.

Well so many years ago, while still a student, or graduating was it? As the editor-in-chief for The Philwomenian, the school paper for Philippine Women’s College of Davao, I wrote the closing article for the school paper for the school year and it was titled “What of the future?”. Little would I know that fast forward, I would find myself looking to the past, and give birth (well not literally) to a Facebook page named Davao of the Past. There was thing song then, the future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades.

During my younger years, my favorite subject was History. Favorite yes, but not immerse myself in it like what I am doing now.

But first allow me to just reminisce something about Womens as we call the school then in the 80s, and maybe before or even after. While it may be called that, but it is really very co-educational.

I spent two years in that school, or college from my point of view. I took my Fine Arts major in Painting in 1984 and finished it off two years after. Too short, but it opened me to a lifetime of opportunities. You see, I was a staffer for the school paper and yearbook. After graduation, I took up an offer from the printing company that I dealt with, Midtown Printing Co., Inc. that they send me to study computers and work with them after. I have been interested in graphic design while studying, and I didn’t realize the impact of computers in graphic design.


Womens was kind of a small and little world that I liked, very laid back, but a lot of things were happening. Met people like Ses Desesto and Ameng del Fierro which opened me to activism during that time. Art and activism mix kind of was an eye-opener. And the 80s was the best time for the mix, martial law and all that. Since then, it just led on to other things. Best teachers for me then was Brenda Barba and Bernadette Becares, always pushing me both ways, art, and graphic design. And Dean Gracia Conde, who in her gentle ways, influenced me in a lot of ways, because she reminded me of a favorite aunt, who encouraged me to absorb and learn. And another mentor from school, who opened me to new ways to expressing art, Rachel Holazo who encourage me explore it, and at the same time face realities of feeding one self. I owe these ladies a lot.

Womens during that time allowed my little rebellion and nurtured me to accept what I cannot change. This school played a lot in my maturing as an artist. While this is not a paid ad for the school, I just appreciate what it has done to my life.

So back to the question, what of the future? For the young ones, time doesn’t stand still, it will just lead us to many things. It preps us to the next step. This is something I have always shared with my kids. The future will always be there, for us to carry on. There is always something about this biblical verse Matthew 6: 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Onwards to history, learn from the past to deal with the present. Onwards to the youth of today who will find new ways to seeing and learning history.

If you have some interesting insights about your school, you can submit a short article with photos of your time attending that school. We would gladly publish it and credit you for the article. Also, please submit your short bio so we can include it at the end of the article.

Thanks to Dada Lozano for the pictures, owe you a lot! Really!

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