When national fast food brands saw Davao

I remember Dabawenyos going into a frenzy and excited mood when national fast food brands opened in Davao. Even while the building was still getting it’s finishing touches, the first Jollibee branch (it’s 100th to boot) opened anyway, and you could see people lining up. Finally, most would have thought. Now the city felt a little cosmopolitan with the opening of the country’s foremost fast food chain, Jollibee. That was 1991, and things were starting to look up.

We had our own restaurants which Dabawenyos patronized, like Chickies and Patties with their chili cheese dog, Dencia’s with tokwa’t baboy, Cecil’s with everyone’s favourite luglug, or the Chinese restos where everyone would order their favorite lomi, pancit canton, chopsuey, among others.

But Jollibee? Who would have thought? Bolton had not seen so many people converging, lining up to get to the counter, and order. Davao was finally getting it’s first bite of the country’s favourite burger, fries, and others on the menu (maybe somebody can still remember their menu from the way past?).

Yes, Dabawenyos savoured and enjoyed the event. Oh wow, truly, that was momentous and mouth watering event. Since then, a lot of other national brands saw Davao in a different light, it was a city where they could do business.


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