Survival Guide – Starters

Dinabaw 103 – Starters

How do we navigate our our way so we don’t feel somebody sold us?

Questions to live by
Hain kaw pasingod? – Where you going?
Hain yang bay mo? – Where is your house?
Hain sa ngani yang (Name of Place)? – Where can we find here the (Name of Place)
Kamanga yaan – Get that
Kamusta da kaw? – How are you?
Kumusta kaw adon? – How are you today?
Palihog tagai ako ng kanmo selpon number. – Please give me your cellphone number
Sino yang kaiban mo? – Who’s with you?
Taga Hain Kaw? – Where are you from?
Tag pila ngini/ngiyan? -How much is this/that?
Unan yaan? – What is that?
Unan ngini na lugar? – What is this place?

Words to live by
Alima – Hand
Baroto – Boat
Bawod – Waves
Baybay – Shore
Buwa – Hammock
Baki- Cassava Cake wrapped in Banana Leaf (Suman Balanghoy)
Baiho – Face
Hain – Where
Has – Snake
Iban – Tag along
Idto – There
Indog – Stand
Inday – Don’t know
Ingkod – Sit
Ini – This
Intawon – Shit/Poo
Kaan – eat
Kadong – Puppy
kadi – Come
Kailo – Pity
Katumbal – Chili/Pepper
Kimod – Youngest child
Kin’no – When
Kuding – Cat
Ludâ – Spit
Lùdas – Slip
Lumon –  Sibling/Brother/Sister
Lugos – Coerce
Malipa – Dirty/Messy
Malayoay – Far
Ngani – Here
Nanga sa – Why
Pagkaan – Food
Pagkatingon! – Shut up!
Panaw – Leave
Tagad – Wait
Siki – Feet
Tagai – Give
Tiahô – Cry
Ugon ugon – Later

Thanks to Vicente TIonko and Ande Dapitanon Hernandez for the initial contributions. For more check:

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