Way kinita ko!

I grew hearing expressions from either my Mom or my Lola when in their exasperation would blurt out something in Minandaya. And until now, these are the phrases that would send me to chuckles.

My late Mom, when hearing something and she would disapprove or sort of, would mumble something like this, “Way kinita ko!” I didn’t know what that really means literally but have the gist what it really means if you get my drift. Another when annoyed was “Kasawa-ing ng bayho mo“. Lol.

I know a lot of other Dabawenyos must have heard from their folks of these and other phrases through the so many years and unconsciously must have passed them to their young too.

Funny. Is all I can say. My Lola would always in protest would say “Nikaw, ni isa ka cin, wa! Nunca!” when her grown up kids (or now adults) or apos would ask for some some coins (you know when it was still worth something. I can always remember she would always gather all those coins and bills in a hankie and fasten them in a ganso, and tuck it away in you-know-where loose daster (did I spell this right?).

There must have been countless of others that I must forgotten now. I know it is a sprinkling of Mandaya and Spanish. From mientras to dum to amo agaw. If I have the chance to go home, I’d for sure would just to do a quick trip to my yesteryears and just be surrounded by the comfort of these chatter.

Others in the community, can also have contribute what they also have heard, and now maybe are adopted, and may have evolved and adding their own nuances to it. I’d like to keep this one on a continuing edit so we can add more expressions they learned from their ninunos.

Expressions are most of times, an endearment, passed on through generations, quickly picked up by the next. They become cultural, and everyday testament of who we are.

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