About Davao of the Past

Davao of the Past aims for be a repository of anything old Davao. While our facebook page is shares and reshares old Davao images, links and resources, this site aims to be still that, but in a more organized way. We have built the Facebook page to where it is now, from a few images to several thousands of images, built, contributed by its members, and scoured over the net, arranged in several albums. This is the wonder of technology, while finding old Davao images in your family albums, this and our Facebook page made accessible those historical photos.

The scarcity of old Davao images on the net made the creator of the page frustrated, and envious of other cities. So he thought, hmm, why not request it from Dabawenyos themselves, there should a treasure trove of photos out there. Hence the Facebook page. This site’s intention also is advocacy as well for the remaining old or historical structures we have left in Davao.

We don’t own the rights to these images/photos, credit where due.