Vicente Tionko

On the Vicente Hizon-Panlilio house.

I just remember. My father and uncle, narrated that a a group of U.S
pilots visited after the war. they wanted to see the fountain in front of the house. They used the fountain an an aiming point to avoid bombing San Pedro church.

At the boundary on Mandarin was the lawn, then entrance gate, then the house, another gate, the the lawn, where Alan’s commercial was located.

On Davao’s Ancestral Houses.

There were some big houses in Davao before or right after the war. I wish if someone could supply the biggest house then, that belonged to Mr. Nemesio Suazo Monteverde. It was situated at the corner of Bolton and Rizal streets, where Merco is situated. It was occupied by the Japanese as the Kempetai headquarters. Mr. Hiro Mitzugushi was employed as interpreter. It was burned by the Japanese before they left Davao.

On Punta Dumalag.

In the 1950’s, there were practically no houses. when high tide approaches, we had to hurry back in order not to get stranded on the island.

On San Pedro Street.

According to my mother, it was the talk of the town, when a friend was hit by a car.

On the Gov. Generoso Bridge.

Whenever I go with my grandmother to Dipag, SIR today, we cross the river on a Bailey bridge. I would see the Generoso bridge with some people in it. My lola would tell the Americans are working on it. By the way, the Bailey bridge is connected at the side of Bankerohan market to what is now Gravahan.

On Davao Carnival, 1947.

The carnival was run by Dr. Sarabia! The carnival queen was Carmen Tionko.

All I can remember, it was in PTA, now People’s Park, with lights, masaya. I was about 3 years old.